The Power of Wednesday

Imagine this – it’s Wednesday.  You wake up and all you think is, “Today is going to be a great day.”  You keep that attitude going all day and next thing you know the day is over.  The day flew by and your day went just like you said it would – GREAT.  Now, you head home and tomorrow is Thursday.  It’s almost the weekend!  Thursday will be a breeze (you think in your head), then we all know that Friday is the easiest one as we head into the great weekend.  Then, you have a great weekend that leads up to Monday and as much as you don’t want to work on Monday, you know that another great weekend is in store for you.

What if I told you that you could have an awesome day every single day if you change your mindset?  What if I told you to start that mindset with focusing on the specific day Wednesday? Win the day or win Wednesday. Let’s win Wednesday and see the ripple affect throughout our week.  #WinningWednesday puts you in control of all emotions that come on this wonderful day and the days following.  This approach to Wednesday is going to set you up for success for the whole week and here’s why.

Hump Day

Everyone has always referred to Wednesday’s as ‘Hump Day.’  Why is this?  People realize that the work week is longer than the weekend and the fact that Wednesday is in the middle means that you have to “get over the hump” of the week in order to get to the weekend.  I used to think the same exact way.  Always thinking “man if I can just get by today then I’m already on my way to the weekend.”  The problem with this type of thinking is that you aren’t living in the future and taking advantage of all the opportunities you have on the day.  Think about this – you are given a huge opportunity on a Wednesday.  Today is the day you get to present your biggest idea to your CEO.  You come into the meeting fully prepared, but all you can think about is the weekend and how once this presentation is over, you’ll be ready for Friday evening.  Then, you go to give your presentation and you butcher it completely.  You weren’t thinking about your presentation – you were thinking about the weekend and then boom…it fails.

Now, I understand that it is kind of unrealistic because presenting to your CEO with an idea you’ve been working on is almost like a dream come true – which is my point.  You wouldn’t waste that opportunity just because of the day.  It doesn’t make sense.  So, it’s time we all change our outlook on Wednesday’s and turn it into a positive to make our weekends and life that. much. better.


When I was a senior in college I had class from 11am until 9pm on Wednesdays.  THEY SUCKED, but one day my professor of my 6-9pm class told me that if I changed my outlook on the 3 hour class and stayed engaged, then it would fly by.  So, I took her advice and next thing you know, it didn’t feel like a 3 hour class…it felt like 30 minutes.  This was because I was living in the present and staying engaged.  The time flew by and I actually looked forward to Wednesday’s because it made me realize that these were my most productive days and I was learning so much!

So, I decided to take that to work.  As an athlete you are taught that when an opponent is weak, you need to take full advantage so you can win.  Well, while my competitors serving coffee and tea are slacking on a Wednesday, I’m working my butt off (to not only make the day fly by but) to beat my competitors.  They aren’t at their best, so I am going to do my best work to make my brand and myself better.

Lastly, your positivity around the day radiates around the company.  All of the sudden, after a month of #WinningWednesdays everyone is referring to Wednesday’s as Winning Wednesday.  They might not understand all of the background behind it, but all they know is that you are taking a twist on Wednesday’s and are making it all positive.  People want nothing, but positivity around them, so bring it!  Be the change that everyone wants.  The only person who can control you is you and that is why you need to take control and turn ‘Hump Day’ into #WinningWednesday.  Go grab some wins today and tell us how you won!


How am I going to win today?  I am going to motivate everyone around me to have a great day.  I will continue to bring the ray of sunshine around my office to ensure that we all have an amazing #WinningWednesday.

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