"Greatness Has No Patience" - My Time w/ Russell Wilson


“Greatness Has No Patience”

Catching touchdowns and connecting with Russell Wilson

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit down and meet Russell Wilson, starting Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, and not to mention the now highest paid player in the NFL. How did I get this opportunity? Honestly, pure luck.

Long story, short — my uncle, who is an executive at a major company in Seattle, was invited to this “VIP Russell Wilson Passing Academy” and extended the invite to me. How could I say no to this? I couldn’t!

The crazy thing is I had a hernia surgery (yup - this was my third one) about a month before this and the doctor ‘advised’ that I don’t run or do any physical activity for 3 months. Well, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I had to take advantage of it.

During this time at the camp, I caught some touchdowns from Russell (videos below and yes - I didn’t crop out the one of me falling), talked some trash to him and then got to sit down with some 2 on 1 time with Russell & my uncle to pick his brain.

VIP Passing Camp Time

My uncle and I show up to the camp, slightly late, but ready to catch some footballs from Russell and little does he know that the competitor in me would come out. My uncle Chris had seen me compete from afar, but I don’t think he’s ever seen this side in me come out - I mean shoot….I played defense, I’m supposed to hate QBs!

Anyways, Russell shows up, starts getting the camp going with some stretches, they put us in groups and of course - our group is with Russell catching touchdowns first. You can tell a good amount of the adults were nervous, but I was ready to show that I’m still an athlete - just retired is all.

Here’s a quick video to show you how this whole thing got started….

So, below you can find all the fun videos of my Uncle Chris, Russell and I at the VIP Passing Camp, but I want to get to the biggest point of what I learned from sitting down with Russell.


One of the things that Russell stated over and over again was that greatness has absolutely no patience for anyone. It’s not going to wait around and come to you. He started out by telling the story of when he got his baseball rights traded to the NY Yankees. The Yankees, as you could imagine, are one of the most highly touted teams especially if you’re a young baseball player. Russell said this was one of his greatest accomplishments (and never mentioned the Super Bowl - crazy enough) because he accomplished a goal that he set for himself as a young kid. We all have those “crazy/lofty” goals as kids, right? I mean, I’m 25 and people continue to tell me that my goals are “crazy and lofty”, yet I still believe in them.

Russell encouraged us to continue to have these goals and dreams because it will drive you to greatness you never believed you could achieve. He continued to talk about all of these amazing leaders in the country and world today then asked us, do you think anyone ever called them crazy? Do you think anyone ever told them that their goals were unattainable? Well guess what - every person who was told that is either on the path to greatness or achieved it. Now, they are looking back and laughing at all the people who didn’t believe them.

Like Donald Payne said in Season 3 of The Millennial Way, “I do this for the people who believe in me, not for the people who don’t.” That’s what I took away from Russell’s conversation - people will call you crazy, they will say you can’t achieve your goals, but for every person that doesn’t believe in you, there’s someone out there that does believe in you. That belief is what will drive you to greatness.

I believe in you. I know you can do this. I can’t wait for you (yes, YOU!) to go out and achieve those goals. It’ll be one helluva feeling when you do!

Check out these fun videos below from the VIP Passing Camp w/ Russell Wilson. I can’t thank Russell enough for taking the time to come hang out, throw the football around, talk some trash, and of course share his wisdom with us.

Okay…..so I was able to get my feet under me for that pass…..now catch this one (pun intended)

Hey….I got both feet in…..the refs were saying it’s a TOUCHDOWN!

I love y’all!