Finding The Best Mentor For YOU

About a week ago, I had a quick conversation with my man Jarvis.  Jarvis had connected with me on LinkedIn and I reached out to see how I could help him in any way.  He told me that an article on how to find mentors would be perfect for him as we write about it all the time on IMT.  He’s totally right – how could we consistently mention mentors, yet we haven’t written a post on it?! Jarvis – this one is for you!


Mentor (n.) – an experienced and trusted advisor.  That’s how Merriam-Webster defines the word mentor and it is so true.  A mentor is someone who you can trust.  Someone that you can always look to when times are tough or going well.  Someone who is going to shoot you straight because they see the potential in you and want you to keep learning and growing.  So how do you find someone like this?

Tips for Finding the Perfect Mentor For You

  1. Look at your own network

    • Guess what? YOU have a huge network and you didn’t even know it. You went to school, right? Was there that one teacher that was so invested in you that you (low key) hated because they were always on your case to ‘do better’? Or did you have that one coach that always picked on you?  This is a great first place to start.  Not to mention – parents make great mentors, especially if they work in the field you want to be in.  They don’t have to be your parents either!  My favorite mentors are my mom and dad, not going to lie, but there have been plenty of times where I’ve had conversations with my friend’s parents because they can help me in other aspects of my career, too.


    • Remember the blog post about networking? (If not you can view it here).  Go on LinkedIn and search for people in the field you want to be in.  Use the tactics we have taught you to get in their inbox and then start a conversation.  “Hello Mr/Mrs. ___, my name is ____ and I am very interested in what you do.  I’d love to learn more about how you got there if you are willing to talk!”  From there you can then talk about how they got to their job and any tips/advice they might have for you.  The ones who respond usually make the best mentors because immediately you are drawing them and they let you know they want to help by responding!

  3. Ask Your Friends

    • Chances are at least one of your friends have a mentor. If they don’t, then consider me your friend and you now have a friend with a mentor (reach out to me!).  Ask them who their mentor is and why he/she is their mentor.  If that person seems like they could be the perfect fit for you, then ask for an introduction.  Many mentors love helping young professionals such as yourself and they do not mind taking on other mentees.

  4. Know What You’re Looking For

    • Make sure you know what you want to get out of a mentor-mentee relationship. If you want someone who’s going to tell you that you are right all the time, then you might be looking for more of a friend than a mentor.  Remember that a mentor is there to help you get better and progress in your career, so think about what you ‘think’ you want to do and then rely on them to help you along the way.  You want to be able to sit down, chat with them about anything, as well as be able to take constructive feedback from them on how they might go about a certain situation.

  5. Look for More Than One Mentor

    • Having a mentor is great, but having more than one mentor is even better! By having more than one mentor, you get different perspectives on each situation.  You don’t have to do what one mentor does verbatim, but what you can do is take the best part of how each mentor handles a situation and then shape it into your own way.  Mentors can serve many different purposes – I have a mentor who helps me out financially, many who help me out career-wise, as well as a mentor who helps me with my daily workouts!  They each serve a different purpose, yet I love having all of them in my life as they help me with decisions that I might not be an expert at.

Still, need help finding a mentor?  Reach out to us and let us know your struggles! We can help you find the perfect mentor for you and we will walk you through step by step how to land the best mentor for YOU.

Next post we will talk all about mentor-mentee relationships and how to get the most of out every meeting with your mentor, so stay tuned!  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and follow the blog (click the follow button below) to receive posts/updates to your email!