LinkedIn Etiquette pt. 1 - Engaging on LinkedIn

I was chatting with some colleagues the other day and they were sharing some crazy messages that they receive on LinkedIn. It reminded me of some wild messages I’ve received, too - which means it’s time to chat LinkedIn Etiquette…..

Now, LinkedIn is a great resource and tool to help professionals connect, network and stay in touch with former colleagues. However, there is definitely etiquette when it comes to down to it.

Part 1 of this post is about how to be engaging on LinkedIn, then Part 2 will be on networking and gaining meaningful connections.

First off - there are 3 easy steps that you can take to grow and sustain your network.

  1. Be Engaging

    • Engage in topics that interest you and provide value. If you like marketing, then find interesting articles on marketing and post your thoughts on it. It will get your network (and their network!) engaged on that topic and will get people talking.

  2. Join Groups

    • This goes back to being engaging. Find groups that engage in topics that you find of interest. Again, if you like marketing - find some marketing groups and see what everyone is talking about. Read up and educate yourself on that topic, so you can also provide some value on those topics.

      • This will also help you gain credibility and look like a subject matter expert (SME) - which is something that’ll grow your network, too

  3. Be Consistent

    • Always be consistent. This should be with everything you do, but in terms of LinkedIn - continue to post. Set a goal for yourself to post on a topic 2-3 times a month. Be intentional about finding articles and reading up on current topics, then post about it! You’ll find that people will agree with your viewpoint sometimes and it will bring about good conversation. You never know what you’ll learn!

Etiquette on Messaging

I used to see people post this all the time - “LINKEDIN IS NOT FACEBOOK!” People meant it, too. They were tired of people talking about politics on LinkedIn or overall being inappropriate on the platform. Well….let’s keep it professional people. You can get a network with some great people on LinkedIn, but they won’t want to talk with you if you’re posting something that’s inappropriate. Here are some tips on being professional on LinkedIn……

One thing that I highly recommend you stay away from is clicking on the “ask for a recommendation” button on LinkedIn. The automated messages that are sent from your account asking for a referral or recommendation are not well written. Also, the message isn’t personalized and comes off as if you expect someone to recommend you role a role or position. So stay away from that.

You can definitely reach out to someone asking for a referral or recommendation, but there’s a good way to go about it.

  1. Engage with that person on a personal level before asking for help

    • Just like in sales, you need to build rapport with the person before you can just go asking for their help. Talk with them. Ask how they are doing - be genuinely interested and continue with the conversation.

  2. After engaging - bring up your situation and that you’re looking for a job/advice

    • After connecting for a little while, you can then start to ask for help. Whether it is asking for advice on how to get into a company or asking for a referral (if you have worked with the person or know them personally). If you do not know the person that you are messaging, then I would recommend simply asking for advice on how to get into the specific company.

  3. Say your thanks & follow up

    • It’s always important that you follow up with the person that you are connecting with and that you are grateful. Always say thank you and then follow up the next day to show you are serious about finding a job. Even if the person was not all too helpful, it is still good to say thank you as they took the time to get back to you.

Be on the look out for Part 2 of LinkedIn Etiquette.

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- Chase