Honeymoon Stages @ Work

When you first start – you’re in awe.  Everything you see daily is new to you.  The people, the environment, the way things work; they are all different.  You LOVE IT!  “Mom, Dad, I don’t know why I was ever nervous about anyone or anything, I LOVE it here.”  These are what we call the honeymoon stages - at some point they become your every day and we are here to help you work through that.


No one can gauge how long of a stage this is.  We all go through it many different times in life – relationships, going to a new school, etc.  Every time you start something new, you are going to find those things you like and things you don’t like.  You want to be happy, so you’re going to think about all of the things that make you happy about what you’re doing and you’re going to naturally ignore those that frustrate you.  It is important to remember this time period because it will remind you about all the amazing things that are offered at your job.  Just like in college when you had that thought of transferring and starting over at a new school, then you ended up staying because of various reasons and were “so happy” that you did end up staying.  Same thing for work!


The reason you leave the honeymoon stage is because you’ve finally become comfortable.  You’re comfortable with your work, the people around you, the overall environment, everything.  So now that you’re comfortable, it’s really time to take advantage of all opportunities you have.  You think to yourself “okay – I know what I’m doing now.  I know how to work with these people and I’m about to start making a difference.”  First things first, slow down.  Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.  You have to continue building on the foundation that you have laid for yourself.  Remember that time when you started college as a freshman and wanted to join every club or start your own?  Yeah?  Well this is that time in your career.

Continue meeting with your manager and bring to his/her attention that you want to do more or make a difference.  Bring it up in the manner that is helping your manager – “I want to help you out more by taking some work off your plate – anything you have you think I can handle? Or anything that I could help you out with?”  You must make the initiative to do more at work or else no one is going to give it to you.  You are the driver of your work and career, so take it by the wheel and start driving!

Remember in the last blog post we said to remain consistent.  Well, continue building on your foundation and remain consistent.  Keep on building until you are an impenetrable building and then keep building so King Kong can’t even reach it.


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