Goal Setting

We talk about goals a lot. What if you don’t know what your goals are?  You know that one day you want to be CMO of a company, but how do you know how to get there?  One day you want to be the Chief Marketing Officer, but you’ve started your career in HR?  Well, the best part about our ambiguous end goals is that there’s a path to these end goals and all of our paths are going to be different.  There is no formula to success, but if you can stay focused and consistently work hard, then you are going to reach your goals and then some.

Remember in "Dear Upcoming College Grads" when we talked about priorities and how they can change?  Throughout your life, you are going to change your goals and priorities.  It’s inevitable.  Although these goals and priorities will change, it is still best for yourself to set goals and milestones that you want to work towards. As long as your goals all align within a similar track you will always be building and growing.  It will also give you self-gratification – a feeling that no one can give you.  What a feeling that is!  So, where do you start?

Work Backwards + Do Your Research

Start with your end goal.  So you want to be CEO of a Fortune 500 company?  Awesome.  The first thing you need to do is look up all of the Fortune 500 CEOs that you aspire to be.  Look at what they have done to get to their positions today.  You will see a common trend between them; for example, the majority of Fortune 500 CEOs have their MBA and if you speak with them, they will tell you that you will have to get your MBA to be at their position.  Sure, there is no recipe for success, but there sure are things that if not all, most successful people do.

Think 3, 5, 7 years

Every year should be a stepping stone to get you to the your end goal.  So in increments of 5, these should be big milestones that are on your way to the top (end goal).  For example, if you want to be a CMO of a company your 3, 5, 7 year plan could look like this:

3 – Product Manager Level

5 – Brand Manager Level

7 – Director Level


Now, this is a very simple plan; you can add in a multitude of things such as the company you want to work for or the city you want to be living in.  After you are done writing down your plan.  Store it somewhere and use it as a guide.


As you start and continue to thrive in your career, think about the next two years and how it relates to your current role.  If you believe you can get promoted within 2 years, then start working towards that role.  Map out how you are going to get there by taking on projects to stretch yourself and to show your peers you are ready for the next step.  Always have forward thinking.  With forward thinking you will continue to grow and strive to be the best you can be.


I’ll leave you with my favorite quote: “Success isn’t what others think of you, but it is what you truly think about yourself.”  What do you think about this quote? We want to hear from YOU!  Leave your comments below!  Don’t forget to hit that follow button at the bottom!