Dealing w/ Stress

One thing I've found with working full-time is that there's a new type of stress that we've never experienced.  Getting assignments done for a class and coming up on a deadline is one thing, but the stress work brings is completely different.  Diving into a new space, trying to remember the skills you have and bringing them to life in your role, working with new people.....all the things that a new job entails are quite stressful.

For me, I've been dealing with stress my entire career, as we all have.  I've found that the stress has caused me to have good days, bad days and everything in between.  There came a time a couple of months ago, where I sought out help in managing my stress and I've found the things listed out below to be really helpful in dealing with stress.

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  1. Take a step back

    • Many times, we find ourselves falling into this trap of the present

    • Remove yourself from the situation (literally), breathe and remember you're capable

  2. Recalibrate Priorities

    • Write down all of the things you need to get done in the next hour, the day, and the week

    • Prioritize those tasks

    • If you don't know what is or isn't a priority....ASK

  3. Before you start cranking on your work - do something quick that you enjoy

    • Whether it's listening to your favorite artist, reading an article or checking the stock market

    • Take 5-10 minutes to yourself - it will reenergize you

  4. Set aside time in your days to prioritize your top tasks

    • Put down 30 minutes on your calendar where you'll do nothing but that one task

    • This will help you to not worry about all of the tasks you need to get done and focus

  5. Focus and CRANK, baby!

    • Get back to work and focus on your one task

    • Take it task by task

I create a checklist every morning which helps me understand my focus for the day.  I check off things from my checklist to show myself progress and it's really helped with my stress levels! I can finally sleep at night!

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