Cancer Sucks

Back in August I was on my way home from work and had my usual weekly phone call with my mom.  I typically call and we catch up on what's going on at work and in life.  It usually ends up in me pulling the car over outside my place as we share stories about what's going on as we laugh and just chat.  This has been something I started doing in college when I'd be driving back from class and honestly it's been one of the best things I've done.  Catching up with my mom and dad over a 30 min phone call is just what I need as I wind down my days.  It's made moving much easier on me and made being thousands of miles away feel not as distant.

This phone call in August, this one was different though.  It started off normal, talking about work and my mom asking me if I've found a girl yet; but then before I was getting ready to hang up, my mom insisted I talk to my dad.  Now, usually, I either call back the next day to talk with pops for a good talk or I ask to talk to him, but this time felt different.

He started off the call asking me how I'm going and all that - but I had a pit in my stomach.  I could feel bad news coming.  At that moment, he could hear my silence and told me that he was diagnosed with Stage I Prostate Cancer.  Now, those of you who know/have dealt with Prostate Cancer, know that this is very treatable and the chances of beating it are second to none.  However, I couldn't help but get scared.  Immediately.  My dad?  No.  This can't be real.  Absolutely no way.  Complete denial.

Dad reassured me that he would be okay and that life was going to continue to move on and just like everything he does, he's going to add this to the win column and move past it much stronger.  I knew he meant this.  And this gave me strength to also move past my emotions.

Once I got inside my apartment, in typical Chase fashion, I'm looking up everything possible about Prostate Cancer and how I can support.  After nights of praying, I finally realized what I had to do to help my family and my father beat this.  My role in this was to make sure my brother and sister were cool emotionally, make sure my mom felt supported, and continue to keep my dad's spirits high.

Throughout my dad's treatments, he continued to keep me in the loop on all that was going on.  He kept our entire family's spirits high with his texts to our family group chats in the mornings and pics of him killing it at the gym! That's right...nothing slows this man down!

As he continued to kick cancer right on out of him, my dad continued to work on his businesses and even started a blog to share his journey through cancer.  He and my mom had some good and bad days, as cancer does to you.  I can't speak best for him, so check out his blog here.


On October 25th, my dad called me to let me know he got his tests back and that the CANCER IS GONE!  He beat cancer and whooped it right on out of him, just like he said he would!  Words couldn't explain my excitement and relief felt from this.  Now, he's on the road to recovery and we all know he's about to be even stronger than he was before.  His perseverance and relentlessness are inspiring and I'm proud to be his son.

My challenge for you: Do something nice for someone today.  Make someone smile.  If it's holding the door open for someone or telling someone you like their shoes; try to make their day.

- Chase