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born to be on stage

When I was younger, I acted and starred in many fun commercials. These commercials ranged from Coca-Cola to TNT to the Nickelodean Big Help (with Amanda Bynes!). I eventually stopped acting to pursue my hoop dreams, which then turned into football dreams. However, I was able to turn the skills I learned from acting into true presentation skills that draw and engage every single person in the audience.

I worked endlessly for opportunities to present in front of people and I was blessed with the opportunity to host a competition at Starbucks during the Starbucks Global Sales Summit in May of 2018, as well as host a coffee tasting on Diversity & Inclusion at Nestle in March of 2019.

I have traveled to multiple campuses, such as my alma mater, Stetson University, as well as the University of Washington to speak to students on networking, career help, and how to successfully get your career started.

Interested in having me come speak at your school? I have many relevant topics that engage both college students and working professionals! Click on the contact page for inquiries.


Past Engagements:

University of Washington, 2017

Stetson University, 2017

  • Featured Alumni

Stetson University, 2016

  • Surviving & Thriving Post Grad Life