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I’m Chase Coleman, a former Division-1 Football player turned marketing professional and owner of The Millennial Way, LLC. When I first started my corporate journey, I was always wondering why colleges and universities don’t teach students all the truths about adulting. Since I didn’t learn all the ins-and-outs of Corporate America and life through school, I decided to make a blog and podcast based on what I’ve learned through my experiences and my mentors.

It’s Millennial Talk and The Millennial Way are all about turning your life and career goals into a reality!

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The millennial way podcast

A podcast made for the on-the-go millennial. Giving you tips and advice on the things they don’t teach in school, from career to personal advice, we got it all for you! Made by a millennial for millennials.


Chasing chase

If you know me, then you know my absolute favorite thing to do is travel. I’ve been all across the beautiful USA and I have just started dabbling in international travel. One day at work, a colleague started saying that I travel so much, that I need to send her a newsletter called “Chasing Chase” with all of my fun adventures - plus how I do it! So, I made this page to show you (1) how I get to do all these fun trips and (2) where I’m going! Whether it be a snowboard trip to Whistler, making Gin in Barcelona, or partying hard in Ibiza, you never know where I’m going next!

Check out all of my travels as I continue to travel around the country. Don’t stop Chasing Chase!


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